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XSDForm gets your XSD and creates a web form on your web site. Optionally, it gets XML data and fills the initial data of the web form.

The form sends the filled (prepared) XML string to specified web address. (Delivers xml).


  1. Download XSDForm with link on our download page.
  2. Extract and upload the XSDForm files into /XSDForm directory of your web site. 
  3. Change the rights of the file /XSDForm/admin/xsdformconfiguration.xml to 777 (writable by web server)
  4. Protect /XSDForm/admin directory with htaccess protection.
  5. Login to your Ilerian account. Define your domain name, generate the license file and put it into /XSDForm/admin directory.


Upload your XSD file to your web server.

Go to http://yourdomain.com/XSDForm/admin with your web browser

Add a new form with the a unique form identifier and other required fields including the address of your XSD file. A sample XSD file for a try is below:

Customer Information XSD

Integrating to your Web Site

You can use the XSD form on anywhere of your web site.

A sample usage is below:

Sample Usage


Customize XSDForm for your Genuine Web site design by modifying the CSS file. Take look at the CSS file under /XSDForm. You can give a completely different look to your form.

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  1. Anonymous

    I tried the demo customer_info.xsd but when I try to upload it using the admin form I get a pop-up window that says http://localhost Error: Parse error ... with no more information. How do I modify customer_info.xsd for a targetNamespace of localhost?

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