This page guides you for making XSDForm ready to use including installation and licensing. 

We have a tutorial for setting up a web server with ioncube:

And a second one for installing XSDForm:

  1. Download the latest release of XSDForm from
  2. Extract the archive file.
  3. Upload the extracted directory to root directory of your web pages. The web root directory is the directory path of your index page. Now XSDForm files exist under
  4. Login to your ilerian account and download your license file.

    If you want to get an evaluation license, simply click on XSDForm link on "Trial Request" page. The trial license will be sent to you via email.

    If you purchased a permanent license, go to "My Licenses" page and specify your domain name with "Add Domain" link. Then the download link for license file will appear.

  5. Rename your license file to "license.lic".
  6. Upload your license file into directory.
  7. Make license.lic file readable by the web server (i.e. chmod 644 license.lic)
  8. Make tpl and tmp directories writable by the web server.

    On Linux/Unix OS:

    #$ chmod 777 XSDForm/tmp XSDForm/tpl XSDForm/admin/uploads

    On Windows: 

    On file explorer, open the properties dialog for the  tmp, tpl and admin/uploads directories and give all permissions for everybody.

    With FTP Client:
    On FileZilla, select which folder you will be give 777 permission, then right click set permission 777 and select check box, then ok.

    More information on file permissions:

  9. Recommended for your security: Protect admin directory with password. Click here for an article for doing this on apache web server: Click here for a tutorial for doing this with plesk.
  10. The file on /XSDForm/admin/xsdformconfiguration.xml and /XSDForm/style.css should be writable by the web server.
  11. Now you can add and configure your forms on
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