JScriptcase Component supports Scriptcase 8.

JScriptcase Component can now render Grid applications with ajax.


JScriptcase Component supports Joomla 3.0

JScriptcase Component supports Scriptcase 7

JScriptcase Module supports Joomla 3.0

JScriptcase Module supports Scriptcase 7


Sorted application list on the component parameters.

Sorted application list on the module parameters.


JScriptcase supports PHP 5.3

JScriptcase Component supports Joomla 2.5

JScriptcase Module supports Joomla 2.5

JScriptcase supports Scriptcase 6



JScriptcase Component supports Joomla 1.6

JScriptcase Component supports Joomla 1.7

JScriptcase Module supports Joomla 1.6

JScriptcase Module supports Joomla 1.7

JFusion Plugin supports Joomla 1.6

JFusion Plugin supports Joomla 1.7

JFusion Plugin supports JFusion 1.6.0

Licensing method is changed.

Jscriptcase configuration is simplified. Now it only requires the application directory.


Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.5 are both supported for JScriptcase component.


Joomla module is introduced. Scriptcase application can be placed anywhere on the joomla template.


Authentication with email support is added.
Bug fix on "Back" application buttons.
Bug fix on links within applications.
Bug fix on displaying scriptcase applications with their own CSS.


JFusion support added.
JFusion Dual user login supported.
JFusion Master and slave roles supported.
JFusion password update supported.
JFusion email update supported.


Initial Build

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