Release Notes

XSDForm 2.6

17 August 2015

  • XSD Conversion tool added to admin area for helping to fix anonymous types.

  • ioncube check added admin area for detecting lack of ioncube encoder

  • XSD error notifications added for helping the error cause

XSDForm 2.5

10 November 2014

  • Style change for header conflict
  • Indentation level increased
  • Restriction warnings removed
  • utf8 is forced for non compliant XSD.
  • Bug fixed: When an XML file with old XSD grammar opened with a new XSD grammer, It was not displaying new elements.
  • Bug fix: attribute use (optional/required) was wrong
  • Confirm editing file on xsd parse error an admin area. Alerts removed, notifications added.

  • Edit file for ../style.css fixed
  • Path that is relative to install path can be used on admin are

XSDForm 2.1

22 October 2013

  • Built-in demo forms added
  • Class specific Next Header Row added.

XSDForm 2.0

30 August 2013

  • minOccurs and maxOccurs support added for complex types
  • Complex type elements are initialled added with number of minOccurs on the form
  • CSS for opened and closed complex element header is added
  • Annotation is now displays description for input.Complex type annotation is displayed just under the element header.
  • Displaying the optional/required info on element title feature is added
  • Invalid collapse behaviour fixed. 
  • Displaying boolean type is fixed

XSDForm 1.3

5 Jan 2013

  • Enumeration restriction support added. Enumerations are displayed with combobox input for selection.
  • Small bug fixes

XSDForm 1.2

17 May 2012

  • Notice messages are fixed.

XSDForm 1.1

12 December 2011

  • Form initialization with XML data feature is added.

XSDForm 1.0

12 November 2011

  • Initial release
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